Enrico Ceschin belongs to a family of builders for three generations and strong of twenty years of experience in the construction sector; first in his father Attilio’ s company, and later with his brother Giovanni. Mr. Ceschin in 1981 constituted the individual company Ceschin Henry, now transformed into a Ltd company.

In 2006, obtained a degree in Architecture at the IUAV in Venice, was joined by his son Luca, who throughout his time at university already participated actively and passionately to the life of the company.

In these 35 years, the growth and evolution of the business have been exponential.

The company can now rely on a large group of competent and motivated employees. The business benefits from suppliers and professional team linked by years of stable and successful partnerships. Thanks to this Ceschin Enrico LTD is now able to address and accomplish at the best projects of considerable scale and complexity.

The Ceschin Enrico Ltd. is a company dedicated to the realisation of public and private works managing to constantly improve the quality of the service offered. The company offers different levels of finishing touch and delivery of work according to customer requirements; these may be purely constructive, or a complete finish, until the so-called "turnkey handover”.

Let us not forget, also, our support and our availability in the preparation of the necessary documentation in order to benefit from the incentives of the tax relief provided by the regulations currently in force.

For years now the company has implanted a system of quality management, required by the ISO9001 and certified by KIWA group, so as to ensure the satisfaction and exceeding expectations of customers and construction requirements imposed by each type of project presented to us.

We believe that the build quality that we achieved is our strength to stand out in the market and we are confident that this level of professionalism and competence, will remain constants in the future, in view of the fact that we will continue to pay full attention and dedication to every phase of construction.

Con l’obiettivo di fornire una garanzia inconfutabile sull’affidabilità delle procedure di gestione aziendale, l’impresa ha richiesto e ottenuto da parte del GRUPPO KIWA l’attestazione della certificazione ISO9001, la quale viene rinnovata annualmente.

Il Gruppo KIWA è un’organizzazione che opera a livello mondiale, indipendente e altamente qualificata, la cui attività principale si focalizza sulla prestazione di servizi di ispezione, formazione e supporto tecnico alle imprese, al fine di attribuire, con imparzialità e obiettività, le certificazioni richieste. Inoltre il suo operato risulta essere sorvegliato da diversi istituti di accreditamento esterni, oltre che da organismi governativi.

Infine è stata riconosciuta all'impresa la certificazione rilasciata dalla società EURO-SOA, organismo che si posiziona tra le maggiori SOA – Società Organismi di Attestazione – a livello nazionale, certificazione che confeisce la qualificazione indispensabile alla partecipazione alle gare d’appalto pubblico.